Become The Hero of Your Own Life

The World Needs Your Gifts

In these times Hero’s are in great demand.

Courage is in great demand.

To be the hero of your own life sends a message to the universe that you desire more than the status quo.

That you will not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of your life.

You know you deserve more than is currently being served up.

Come….dare to step into the fullness of your life.

Your life will never look the same again.

Your Journey Awaits

The Hero’s Journey Group Training is an

Incredible 8-week Process of Self-Discovery

That Reveals Your Greatest Gifts To The World.


The World Needs You.


The World Needs Your Gifts.

The Results

Bernard – Mexico

Spent the last 15 years researching and writing a book that could impact the world in a huge way but was terrified to speak up for himself and his research. He’s now taking bold action and preparing to speak at conferences to bring more peace to the world through his book. He finally realized he is powerful and was limiting himself.

Also during the training,  his relationship with his wife blossomed and she noticed he was more present and loving with his wife. She loved how he showed up for her during the training and is excited about the future of their marriage. 


Got in touch with his feelings and realized that not expressing them with his partner and co-workers he was holding those relationships back. He was able to share authentically with his partner and they started to take their relationship to deeper levels which resulted in more intimacy and feeling alive again.

Anthony – Arizona

Got re-related to his mission of service in the world and took the action necessary to make that happen. He’s in the process of moving to Sedona to start his ministry work.. at the young age of 60. 🙂

Cory A. Canada

Realized he was beating himself and started to acknowledge himself for what he’s accomplished. He got closer to his daughter, girlfriend, and started loving himself more as a result of the program.

Andrew B. Canada – 

Got in touch with his inner fun and is in the discovery process of traveling the world and empowering people through laughter. He now wants to start studying comedy and incorporate that into his training and communications company. All of this after a divorce and realizing just because he went through a divorce doesn’t mean he can’t stop living.

Their Words...

Their Words...

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The Calls

Only 9 Spots Left.

Become The Hero Of Your Life Training

What Can You Expect?

  • The Journey to Revealing your Greatest Gifts to the world

  • Discover Who you Really Are

  • Discover what’s really holding you back from your mission

  • Fully supported in discovering and living your purpose

  • Embrace all sides of yourself

  • Get in Touch with Your Emotions (both desired and avoided)

  • Renew A Deep Sense of Purpose Within You

  • Become More Present with Yourself and Others

  • Learn to share your gifts with the world

    The Details

  • The training lasts 8 weeks

  • It happens virtually via video conference calls

  • Each week consists training and deep connection

  • A private online group for continuous support

  • Recorded meetings and calls

  • Leaders are very active in the group to answer any questions

  • Training led by Richard Arsic and Brad Finkeldei Certified Life Coach

By Interview Only

About The Hero's Training

We are creating a world of loving compassionate people by providing a powerful training program that opens people to their gifts and how to share them with the world.
Richard Arsic

Richard Arsic

Soul Coach, Vice Chair and Senior group facilitator of ManKind Project Canada, Assistant Course Leader and Coach at Reclaim Your Inner Throne, Intuitive Healer, and Shambala Reiki Master.  Richard's depth of experience has led him down a path where he specializes is helping people unlock their greatest gifts to the world.  He also leads virtual circles empowering people all over the world.  Richard leads the Hero's Training."

Mission: He creates a world of awakened souls through healing himself and sharing that journey with the world.

Brad Finkeldei

Brad Finkeldei, CLC

Certified Life Coach, Best-Selling Author of the Mindset shift, ManKind Project Initiated man and founder the Brad specializes in helping others find their inner confidence. Brad runs the behind the scenes of this website and business development of The Hero's Training.

Mission: Empowering others through laughter and bringing authenticity to the world.